Tomas Pfister

- Automatically recognising micro-expressions (ICCV'11)
- Joint tracking in sign language videos (BMVC'12)

About Me

I am a PhD student with Prof Andrew Zisserman in the Visual Geometry Group at University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford I was interning with Google in Mountain View, CA. I did my undergraduate in Computer Science at University of Cambridge.

I am interested in automatically analysing and understanding human behaviour. In my research I develop machine learning and computer vision algorithms to that end.

My research so far has been on automatically (1) recognising sign language, (2) analysing facial expressions, (3) recognising affect from speech, and (4) improving the interaction between humans and robots. In collaboration with University of Oulu I started pioneering research on recognising facial micro-expressions (very short facial expressions that can be used for lie detection). At Oxford I work on automatically translating sign language to text & speech (to help the Deaf communicate with people who don't know sign language).