Tomas Pfister
Entrepreneur - Researcher - Consultant in deep learning, machine learning & product management


I'm an Oxbridge computer science / artificial intelligence grad turned entrepreneur.

I’ve been passionate about tech products since a small child. I wanted to understand computers better, so I went on to major in computer science at Cambridge. Then I got bit by the AI bug, so I went on to do a PhD at Oxford. On the side I’ve worked with a startup called Wakelet to take a cool product idea from conception to launch. Before taking up the position at Oxford I was interning with Google in Mountain View, CA.

I consult in data science (specifically machine learning, computer vision & deep learning) – as well as in product management and systems. I aim for moonshots: coming up with radical solutions for really big problems.

In my spare time I like flying (I'm training for my private pilot license).

I’m now at the end of my PhD and looking for a place where my skills and passion will have the highest positive impact (location preference: Bay Area).