Tomas Pfister

Interim Head of Research at Google

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Tomas Pfister is the interim Head of Research at Google Cloud AI. He came to Google from Apple where he cofounded Apple's new central research group for Artificial Intelligence. He published Apple’s first research paper and won the Best Paper Award at CVPR, one of the most prestigious awards in AI. Tomas’ key scientific achievements have been proposing a method to improve the realism of synthetic images; developing the first automated method to detect facial micro-expressions; and inventing a new way for neural networks to exploit spatiotemporal structure. His research has laid the foundation for several applications such as Face ID in iPhone X, autonomous driving, human pose estimation, detecting facial micro-expressions & translating sign language. Tomas did his PhD in deep learning with Prof Andrew Zisserman at Oxford University and bachelor’s degree in computer science at Cambridge University. He is the recipient of the Forbes 30 Under 30 award, and has received over 40 research awards, including 3 best paper awards, with numerous publications in top AI research venues. His work has been frequently featured in mainstream media, including Forbes, BusinessInsider & Wired [1] [2], as well as in Apple's inaugural Machine Learning Journal post.



  • Super excited to be working as interim Head of Research with Andrew Moore to set up a new AI research group in Google Cloud! We're hiring!
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